“Hughes has given clients the power to take control of their legal representation
and be proactive on their own behalf to solve their legal problems,
in partnership with their lawyers, as an effective lawyer-client team.”
Susan Daicoff, Professor of Law and author of Lawyer, Know Thyself.” 

The first time you meet an attorney is important.  You want to be organized, business-like and know what you want.  Using the lists in Be A Smart Client will help.  You also want to appear confident.  Need a little help?

Be Prepared

Planning for appointments does not have to take long. The attorney should give you an idea of what will be discussed. If they don’t, follow the instructions in BASC Coverthe Client Workbook. Which documents to provide will depend on your legal matter.  If it involves estate planning, documents regarding personal and real property would be required. If you need a business contract drawn up, contact information for all parties would be needed.

Professional Demeanor

All legal matters should be taken seriously. When people are nervous, they tend to joke or make light of a situation. Don’t make that mistake. Give the matter and attorney your full attention and act in a professional manner. Here are some suggestions on how to be a good client, one the attorney wants to represent.

Keep Cool

Feel a little timid around attorneys?  No problem.  Try these confidence builders and you will come across as professional and in charge.  Keep in mind, attorneys provide a service just like plumbers, auto mechanics, and hair stylists.  If a hair stylist tried to intimidate you into trying a style you did not want or did something you specifically asked them not to do, you wouldn’t accept that behavior, would you?  Same goes for attorneys.

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