The next step is to narrow down the field. You can hire your Uncle Bernie’s lawyer or the attorney with the most billboards but why not stack the deck in your favor?  With a little work on the front end, you will get a lawyer who is better suited to your legal and personal needs.  In the long run, it will save you time and money.

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Comfort Zone

Above and beyond their legal expertise, you want a lawyer you feel comfortable with.  Someone who makes you feel at ease because you will be divulging personal information to them.  Consider your personal preferences when choosing an attorney.

Business Bedside Manner

Now that you have a checklist of your personal wants, it’s time to determine your needs.  What you expect from the business end of the checklistrelationship? More specifically, how you want billing, communication and paperwork to be handled.  For example, should you pay for the time it takes your attorney to update a new staff member on your case?  Read the Client Constitution.  It covers several points you should discuss with your attorney before hiring them.  Read each carefully and decide which ones are important to you.

Payment Options

The final step to lock in the attorney/client relationship is the fee agreement.  There are several types.  Read it thoroughly before signing. Ask someone you trust to analyze it. If necessary, ask to take it home so you can thoroughly review it.

Note:  All information on this site is taken from years of working with lawyers.
No suggestions are overly demanding or asking too much of your attorney.
In fact, many of these suggestions were common practice at one time.

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