When The McKee Company launched in 1994, the goal was to make life easier.

I remember when I bought my first computer.  It was a dedicated word processor and used WordStar. The manual might as well have been in Swahili because it, like most computer manuals, was written as if you had a computer chip in your brain (like Johnny Mnemonic – before The Matrix).  Then I found a manual by Mary Bakke Kelley.  It changed my world.  It showed me that a computer program manual could be written without jargon, without hard-to-understand concepts and could be easily understood by a layperson such as myself.

That became the mission of The McKee Company

To create products that make hard things easy to understand.

Whether in the form of a book, software or other type of medium, the focus is always to give you the means to find what you need, easily and quickly and logically.  Our products have been endorsed in Reader’s Digest, Kiplinger, Denver Business Journal, Bottom Line/Personal, Independent Business and several other national and trade magazines endorsed it.  For more, click here.