I received Be A Smart Client as a gift, and after I read it was very impressed
with this goldmine of information. While I didn’t yet need it at that time,
like Burn-jel and bandaids, it’s the kind of thing best to have in advance–
and it seems today it’s almost inevitable that many of us are going to need a lawyer sooner or later.

Are you a DIY-type of person? Do you like to keep a hand in things? With a little knowledge and patience, you can conduct your own research and possibly help your case.  Of course, before you directly contact an individual or business you should clear it with your attorney . Sole practitioners are more inclined to accept help from clients than those in large firms.

There are several resources available to you. A background check includes many details about an individual.  When you investigate these facts further, you can find out a lot about a person. The Secretary of State website reveals business facts of an individual and/or company.  The County Assessor‘s office has searchable real estate records, depending on the state. Search for personal information on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

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